Refugee Focus resettles refugees from around the world. In 2014, we expect arrivals from Iraq, Bhutan, Burma, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Iran, with smaller numbers from Afghanistan and Cuba. Arizona is one of the top ten U.S. states in number of refugees that it accepts.

Meet 6 refugees and an outstanding community partner

Honorees featured in the video:

  • Hassani Bana, Binti Muchiwa, and children – Somalia – Homeowners and Family of Twelve
  • Anduale Hassan – Ethiopia – Chef and Restaurant Owner: Authentic Ethio African Spices
  • Ler Moo – Burma – Educator
  • Laura Sandez – United States – Public Service Evaluator
  • Lawi Family – Congo – U.S. Generation College Students
  • Falah Saeedi – Iraq – Visual Artist
  • Bishaaro Arif – Somalia – Community Volunteer