Self-sufficiency Skills

At Refugee Focus, newly arrived refugees participate in orientations, trainings, and classes to build skills for starting a successful life in America.

Staff, community partners, and volunteers serve as teachers, tutors, guides, mentors, and friends as our clients come to understand American culture, job-searching, finances, city transit, home safety, and personal health. To learn more or get involved with these programs, explore our volunteer opportunities.

Learn about our self-sufficiency programs:

Cultural OrientationCultural Orientation

Cars on the wrong side of the road, pre-approved credit cards in the mail, doggie bags inside restaurants, a truck that collects garbage every week! Our cultural orientation class helps newly arrived refugees decipher American daily life.

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Employment OrientationEmployment Orientation

Attaining gainful employment is one of the most important milestones on a refugee’s path to self-sufficiency in the United States. We equip refugees with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful applicants and members of the work force.

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Financial LiteracyFinancial Literacy

Some refugees come to America familiar with things like checking and saving accounts, but others come having never even been inside a bank. Our financial literacy class helps refugees make informed choices about how much to save, where to keep their money, and when to take out loans for major purchases. These classes help newly arrived refugees better understand the benefits and practical uses of factoring savings into their monthly budgets.

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Bus TrainingTransit Orientation

In order to be successful and self-sufficient, newly arrived refugees need to know how to navigate their new homes. We provide an orientation to the public transportation systems in Phoenix and Tucson. Our hope is that every client leaves the orientation knowing how to get wherever they need to go: their place of work, their child’s school, or their dentist.

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SafetyRefugee Safety

We provide a class that helps newly arrived refugees enjoy safety in their communities, homes, and relationships. We also a special class just for parents that covers apartment safety, how to use car seats, and also emphasizes the importance of active, engaged parenting for a child’s welfare.

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Cooking and NutritionNutrition and Cooking

At Refugee Focus, we offer cooking and nutrition classes for refugees to expand their vocabulary and better understand the American marketplace of food. This class helps refugees understand how to compare the price and quality of different food options, and how to affordably feed their families with healthy, nourishing food. Refugees also gain experience preparing food in commercial kitchens, making them better candidates for jobs in food service.

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Health ClassesHealth and Wellness

Our health and wellness program at Refugee Focus is focused on giving clients access to information and services to enhance their quality of life. These services include men’s and women’s health classes, one-on-one consultations regarding treatment and maintenance of medical conditions, and Healthy Home Visits.

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Computer SkillsComputer Skills

Computers are a part of our everyday lives in America, but refugees arriving here might never have used one before. Our computer classes allow these refugees to learn the very basics of what computers can do and how to use them. Others might be more experienced computer users that would like to know how to use them for job-searching and applications.

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Field TripsField Trips

The best way to learn about a new city is by exploring, so we offer field trips that allow refugees to do just that through fun and engaging social activities that inform and inspire.  We offer field trips so refugees can learn more about local libraries and museums, and also what opportunities are available to them as citizens through these organizations.

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To learn more or get involved with any of these programs, explore our volunteer opportunities.