English Language Training

English Language Training

Shared language opens the door to endless opportunity.

It transforms grids and street signs into navigable roads, unfamiliar events into open invitations, uncertainty into just the right question, a complicated contract into a job opportunity, an isolated parent into a field trip chaperon, and an unacquainted outsider into a friend.


Refugee Focus in Tucson coordinates with Pima Community College to teach essential and vocational English skills through the college’s Refugee Education Program, helping refugees communicate freely and effectively in daily life and in the workplace.

We collaborate with local organizations to supplement formal training with tutoring and collaborative activities that promote refugees’ progress toward English language literacy and self-sufficiency.


Refugee Focus in Phoenix is host to Maricopa County’s English Language Training for Refugees program. In a year, 1600 adult refugees from all of county’s resettlement agencies receive their language instruction at our offices, progressing through learning levels that range from pre-literate tutoring to advanced, conversational English.

Our talented teachers raise the standard in language training. Their patience, commitment, and experience make them leaders in adult education and true assets to the Refugee Focus team.

For information on Maricopa County ELT services, contact Rebecca Bahr, English Language Training Coordinator, at rbahr@refugeefocus.org or call 602-248-4400 x116. For Pima County, contact Pima Community College’s ESL Department at 520-206-5089.

Lend a helping hand to refugees as they learn English: find out about tutoring and teaching opportunities.