Employment Services

In the 21st century economy, our best resource is our people.

Employment Services

To maximize that resource, Arizona businesses have to utilize the new Americans who are prepared to work hard today to create better futures for themselves and their families, who are committing to our neighborhoods, who are growing their professional skills, who bring diversity to our workplaces, and who are dedicated to creating an economy and a nation that will sustain opportunities for their children and for business leaders of the future. New Americans have more to offer than any business can afford to turn its back on.

Together with local business owners,
Refugee Focus works to bolster
Phoenix and Tucson’s strong workforce.

To assist employers,
we have on-call interpreters for job trainings and interviews, and we sit down with refugee candidates to explain the expectations and responsibilities of being an employee.

To assist refugees,
we lead courses and workshops that explain workforce participation, improve presentation skills, help with résumé writing, and teach where to look for jobs.

Our employment specialists establish and maintain positive relationships with employers, and they mentor our clients throughout the job search and beyond. We work one-on-one with refugees to understand their skills, interests, and capabilities in order to set them up to succeed. With our guidance, each client develops a self-sufficiency plan that accounts for paying bills, saving for the future, and living independently.

Interested in hiring a refugee?
Contact our lead employment specialists, or read more about the benefits refugees bring to your workforce.