Case Management

Refugee Focus’s guiding objective is empowering clients to become self-sufficient. Case management sets the stage for refugees to move forward and connect with resources that help them reach their goals.

Case managers provide a neighborhood of services:

Case Management: Neighborhood of Services

Our talented and dedicated case managers, many of them former refugees, are the first people our clients meet at the Phoenix or Tucson airports. Communicating in the refugees’ native languages, case managers bring them to their new homes and share in their first meal in the United States.

Case managers visit clients to explain safety precautions and basic home maintenance, transport them to and from important appointments, and assist as they apply for social security cards and refugee public assistance benefits.

Appointments and paperwork, however, are only a small part of guiding someone through a demanding transition at a potentially vulnerable time. Built upon sensitivity, empathy, and adaptability, case management is the core of refugee resettlement.