Outcasts United

Outcasts United

An American Town, a Refugee Team, and one Woman’s Quest to Make a Difference

By Warren St. John


When Luma Mufleh arrived in Georgia with hopes of starting a soccer team for refugee boys, she had no idea she was walking into the heart of a Clarkston’s brewing identity crisis. The young men and even the game itself symbolized the impact of refugee resettlement on this small town. This book tells the true story of the town, the team, and the coach during their search for normalcy and comfort in a strange place.

God Grew Tired of Us

Directed by Christopher Dillon Quinn

Documentary film

Three young refugees from Sudan, known as “lost boys,” have spent years wandering Africa in search of safety and, in 2001, finally embark on a journey to the United States, where they adapt to a new land and future while trying to keep ties with their family and friends left behind in the refugee camp or gone missing during war.

Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars Radio Salone

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars

Recording Artists

Each musician in this all-refugee band is originally from Freetown, Sierra Leone. When their home country’s civil war forced them to flee for their safety, they found each other in Guinea, where Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars was born. Beginning with a barebones sound system, they have since traveled internationally, played some of the world’s largest stages, and released three albums. Their story was captured in a film documentary named after the group.

What is the What

What is the what?

By Dave Eggers

Novelized memoir

The tale of millions of Lost Boys of Sudan is told through a story based on the real life of one boy. Valentino Achak Deng was forced from his home to flee on foot through the desert and eventually search for opportunity and a new home in America.

The Middle of Everywhere

The Middle of Everywhere

Helping Refugees Enter the American Community

By Mary Pipher


In Lincoln, Nebraska, refugees begin transitioning to life in America. This book offers intimate snapshots of people from different cultures and experiences, all learning to live past tragedy and find their place in an already complicated American society while courageously holding on to joy, love, and family.

Colorín Colorado

The Refugee Experience: Books for Children

By Colorín Colorado

Book list

This English-language-learning website offers an excellent list of children’s books that both “convey the hardships that refugees face as they flee war and persecution” and “capture the triumphs and the resilience of children.”

Rainbow Response

Rainbow Response

A practical guide to resettling LBGT refugees and asylees

From the Rainbow Welcome Initiative


This guide is for service providers looking to learn and improve services. From the guide: “For LGBT refugees and asylees to achieve self-sufficiency, they must first find safety and a supportive community. By acknowledging the unique circumstances under which LGBT refugees arrive and considering […] their backgrounds and experiences […], service providers will successfully respond to a refugee community that has for too long been hidden.”

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