Coponsor in Phoenix

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Churches in Phoenix have been friends, neighbors, and mentors to newly arrived refugees since Refugee Focus opened its doors in the early 80s.

Hebrews 13 tells us not to hesitate to serve new arrivals to our homes. As established natives, it is our honor and duty to make newcomers feel welcome, and prepare them for a life of happiness and prosperity.

Congregations reach out to these new Americans not only by helping them furnish their apartment and providing them with a first set of groceries, but also by making them more comfortable as they go through this monumental transition in other ways.

Church cosponsors can help refugee families by supporting them as they learn English, helping them get around the city for appointments and job interviews, or even just by taking them to the library.

Matthew 25 tells us that our service to refugees is a service to the Lord. For us, it is a joy and a privilege to reach out and support the needy and persecuted, and we hope you will join us as partners in service.

Cosponsor a family of newly arrived refugees in your community and embark on a fulfilling journey with your congregation. To learn more, view our co-sponsorship manual or contact our Faith and Community Engagement Coordinator Hannah Miller.

“As a community of Christians, we feel it is part of our calling to reach out, to welcome others and to treat them as brethren.”
Merry Cole Bender
Mountain View Presbyterian Church
Joshua Prather
“Sponsoring refugee families has given us the opportunity to learn about the wonderful cultures and people that God has brought to Phoenix, and serve those that are in need.”
Joshua Prather
Redemption Church
“Jesus said ‘to love one another as I have loved you.’ I believe that. I find it very rewarding to serve refugees, and it only strengthens my faith.”
Carol Bodwell
All Saints Lutheran Church