Hire a Refugee

In your business, you strive for economic competitiveness, workforce development and diversity, and a healthy local economy. That’s why hiring a refugee could be the right decision for you.

Refugee Focus matches your vacancies to employees who, like you, are committed to our community, are growing their professional skills, and are working hard for their futures and the futures of their families.

What makes refugees
the right fit for your business?

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Refugees are legal residents, fully authorized
to work in the United States and qualified to pass e-Verify.

Working with us to hire refugees can
reduce your cost of recruiting new staff.

According to your needs, our
clients’ skills are matched to your vacancies.

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As individuals and as employees, refugees are
adaptable, resilient, and motivated to succeed.

Hiring refugees increases workplace diversity
and demonstrates commitment to corporate citizenship.

At no cost to you, Refugee Focus can provide
interpretation services for interviews and trainings.

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English Language Training is provided
for prospective hires not yet fluent in English.

Our employment specialists prepare refugees to enter the workforce ready-to-succeed, and they help answer your questions along the way.

Contact an employment team leader to discuss hiring refugees:

Employ in Phoenix

Tracy Outlaw
Resettlement Program Manager
602-248-4400 x111

Employ in Tucson

Mukadesa Muftic
Match Grant Coordinator
520-721-4444 x11