Send a Gift Card

Gift cards are an exceptionally useful donation that directly help refugees and offer us flexibility in their use while allowing you, the donor, to choose how you want your donation to serve refugees, whether you live next door or far from the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

Donate a gift card.

Supermarket Gift Cards

Gift cards to grocery stores like Bashas’, Fry’s, and Safeway can be used to purchase a first set of groceries for new arrivals, supplement the food budgets of families in need, and even pay for medicine.

Donate a gift card.

Store Gift Cards

Gift cards to markets like Walmart, Payless, and Target can be used to purchase household items for new arrivals and provide refugees with clothes they need for school and the workplace.

Donate a gift card.

Generic Gift Cards

Prepaid credit cards are very versatile: most stores accept them, and clients can use them to pay administrative fees when applying for licenses and certifications as they seek employment.

To donate gift cards, mail them to our Tucson or Phoenix office.

Refugee Focus – Tucson
Gift Card Donation
5049 E Broadway, Suite 126
Tucson, AZ 85711

Refugee Focus – Phoenix
Gift Card Donation
3443 N Central Ave, North Rotunda
Phoenix, AZ 85012

We will be happy to give you a donation receipt. Simply email us or call the appropriate office: Tucson 520-721-4444, Phoenix 02-248-4400.

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Refugee Focus is a division of Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The value of your donated gift cards may qualify for the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit in addition to federal tax deductions. To find out more, view our financial information.